Пример сопроводительного письма для резюме на английском языке

 Dear Natalia Petrova,

My name is Alexander Ivanov.
Please, consider my CV for the position of technical writer, analyst, which was posted by your company
on the website: http://khomich.info/rabota-v-minske I don’t have much experience in compiling technical documentation (test procedures, information facilities technical certificates, measurement certificates and etc.) and would like to develop my skills in this area.
Your company meets my understanding of a successful and serious business which offers development potential in the market.
Please, find detailed information in the CV attached.
You can always give me a call at + 375-29-xx-xx-039 or using e-mail: ххххххх@tut.by.
Thank you for your time considering my application. Should it be necessary, I can visit your office for an
interview and answer all your questions at your convenience.
I would appreciate any response.

Мотивационное письмо


Пример сопроводительного письма для резюме на английском №2

Dear Svetlana!
I was interested in the position of sales manager of telecommunications equipment, which you placed on the website http://khomich.info/index.php/vakansii. Currently, I am working at “KompyuterTelekomTorg” as sales manager of computer hardware and software. I have experience in retail and wholesale of telephone exchange stations and computer equipment for more than six years. I have also well-established contacts with the customers of such products in Minsk city and Minsk region. You can find more detailed information about my experience form the CV attached.
Should you have any interested in my application, you can contact me at + 375-29-xxx-xx-xx from 9.00 to 18.00, or using e-mail ххххххх@mail.ru. I shall be ready to answer all your questions and provide relevant testimonials.

 сопроводительное письмо для резюме

Пример сопроводительного письма к резюме на английском №3

Dear Sergey Anatolievich,

I found out through your safety engineer, Alexey Sergeyevich, that there is an open position of design

engineer in your company.

My total experience in designing is two years. Currently, I’m working at the “Belstroyproekt” institute

as design engineer. I graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University with specialization in

industrial and civil construction. You can learn more about my work experience from my enclosed CV.

Should you be interested in my application, you can contact me at 8-029-xxx-xx-xx or using email


Thank you for your attention.

 письмо к резюме

Пример мотивационного письма для резюме на английском языке №4

Dear Petr Nikolaevich,
My name is Sergey Viktorovich. I am interested in the position of an economist and I would like to take

part in the application process.

After examining the requirements to applicants, I came to the conclusion that my experience and

education meets the stated expectations.

So, please consider my enclosed CV and in case of interest, feel free to contact me at 8-029-xxx-xx-xx.

Kind regards,

Sergey Viktorovich

мотивационное письмо для резюме 


Пример коротких мотивационных писем на английском.

Dear Nina Igorevna, Following the job offer of electronics engineer, published in the newspaper “Rabota” (Job), I’m sending my CV. I would appreciate if you do not leave it unattended.

With best wishes,
Petr Sergeevich, tel. 8-029-xxx-xx-xx

 мотивационное письмо кароткое

Dear Lydia Konstantinovan.

Please, find attached my CV. I’m applying for the position of chief accountant. I would be glad to get the invitation to the interview. I’m ready to provide any additional information you may require to consider my application.

Kind regards,
Svetlana Nikolaevna, tel. + 375-29-xxx-xx-xx
сопроводительное письмо кароткое

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